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Concrete Rose


6 October 1989
External Services:
  • ice_and_snow@livejournal.com
About Myself:

Name: Denise.

About me Self: There is nothing interesting about me. =(

Friending: Feel free to friend me, I have nothing really to keep hiding on this journal.

Rules: BITCH BE ME. all rules are on every icon post page. Read them there.

Fringe Olivia/Pete
Greys Anatomy Christina/Hunt, Derek/Mer, Izzie/Alive!Denny
Bones Booth/Bones
Doctor Who Ten/Rose
Private Practice Addison/Pete

Current Fandoms :
Fringe / Doctor Who / Bones / Greys Anatomy / Private Practice / The Big Bang Theory / How I Met Your Mother / Scrubs / BATTLESTAR GALACTICA / Pushing Daisies / Better Off Ted / Smallville / Law and Order: UK /

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More Here

Generally all that needs to be credited is here. hmm. yes. I do cap some shows but being a disorganized self. I lose those I should credit and those I shouldn't. If you know I said I credit you and I forgot. I'm so sorry. ;_; Lemme know and i'll put your credits up.

Screen Caps: cap_it animescreencaps thephotobox dj_capslock rebmastu _jems_ wurlocke garinungkadol xxmusic_rock capathon sunset_to_dawn outgone megalion coloured_skies

Textures / Textures icon_tutorial icon_extras 100x100_brushes dafont emonet25 cabooseys TwistedCutness> lostfaithdesign photoshopextras icongradients dearest colorfilter hanako_lovely
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